Khun Phaen Taep Jamlaeng Ongk Kroo Nia Kajia 2554 BE edition with Two Look Namo, Two Ploi Sek, Rak Sorn Flower, Two Takrut Sariga, Two Takrut Maha Sanaeh, Two Pearls, and Three Python Takrut– Luang Phu In, Wat Nong Meg.

This is Luang Phu In’s ‘pim B’ masterpiece ongk kroo model, second to top of the range khun phaen amulet for the 2554 BE ‘Nia Kajia Maha Sanaeh’ edition. This is a special model of the khun phaen type amulets with special spells and precious items inserted in the rear face, for which Luang Phu In has become so famous for. This ‘pim B’ differs from the ‘pim A’ ongk kroo in that it is not immersed and encased in prai oil, but has been sprayed instead, and is presented in dry form.

The success of the previous two editions, which all sold out in a very short time, and brought so many success stories flooding back to the temple, that this particular wicha has become a standard bearer and extremely in demand amulet. Success stories have been told of both great business sales improvement, and many cases of lottery wins with people who have revered his amulets.

This is a very powerful metta maha sanaeh amulet for the combination of powerful magical sacred ingredients, herbs and flower pollens and sprayed metta oils, along with a very powerful empowerment by Luang Phu In using the ancient Khmer wicha ‘Nia Kajia Maha Sanaeh’, and wicha ‘Gampong Jam’, as well as the wicha ‘Pra Khun Phaen’. The look namo slug inserts is a spell which reinforces the powers within the amulet, and protect it and its wearer from any kind of harmful energies.

This amulet is yet another of Luang Phu In’s famous masterpieces, and a fine choice for gamblers, businessmen and those seeking partners in love, and improving their professional and social life, as well as increasing wealth and success. Luang Phu In’s ongk kroo amulets are the most successful we have encountered until now judging by the feedback from our customers, and we are delighted to be able to offer this new creation to the line of khun phaen taewada and paetch payatorn amulets in our store, for we believe these amulets to be a sure bet for maha sanaeh amulets.

Kata for amulets using wicha ‘Ba Cha Dta’

The front face features an image of pra khun phaen sitting in meditative posture, with his hands placed together in the act of casting spells, invoking the Taep Jamlaeng butterfly fairy twins deva, which can be seen as two butterfly winged fairies flying either side of pra khun phaen. The Taep Jamlaeng is also a kind of ‘Ba Cha Dta’ wicha, for which you can also use ‘Ba Cha Dta’ kata incantations with this kind of amulet if using for attracting lovers.

The rear face features one rak sorn flower (an immensely rare wild flower with powerful enchantment magic), two green ploi sek beads, two look namo slug spells (hidden under the flower), two takrut sariga with sinjana cords, two copper takrut for maha sanaeh (attraction), three python takrut for maha lap maha pokasap (wealth and treasures), and two real pearls. An image of the In Koo (‘Taep Jamlaeng’) symbiotic

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of the amulet.

If you wish to complicate matters with your bucha methods (many people do, and enjoy their dedication to fine details in ritual, which is something we respect), the Taep Jamlaeng is a kind of In Koo or ‘Yintong’ deity (a hermaphrodite double yab-yum entity), for which you can use similar kata and bucha as for the In Koo/Yintong deity. You can read the information on the link below this paragraph to find out more about this. If any kata in the list there says ‘In Gaew’ or ‘In’ calling to the deity, then the word ‘in’, or whatever the deva’s name is, should be changed in this case to ‘Taep Jamlaeng’, and the rest of the kata should be chanted as is written.

Kata bucha In Koo (‘Yin Tong’)

Kata bucha for amulets of the ‘Nia Kajia’ edition by Luang Phu In:

Omang Omang Nga Aehi Bpiyang Ma Ma Maa Maa Chamaa Bpanja Wisu Maedtaa Chamaa Chamaa Mihang Saeto Payaa Ngang Gangja.

Biography of Luang Phu In Khemataewo of Wat Nong Meg, Surin

The ‘Nia Kajia’ edition included a large range of different maha sanaeh type of amulets, which you can read about here: ‘Nia Kajia’ edition amulets 2554 BE.

Kata bucha Pra Khun Phaen

If you are a Buddhist, always perform the Maha Namasakara (‘Namo Tassa’) three times before any other chanting to amulets.

How to chant ‘Namo Tassa’ and the Triple Refuge

We recommend using the kata ‘Aaratanaa Pra Krueang’ as a prelude to asking for wishes to be fufilled:

Kata ‘Aaratanaa Pra Krueang’

List of kata chants – Metta maha niyom/maha sanaeh


Maker: Luang Phu In, Wat Nong Meg temple , Surin

Magical Effects: Maha sanaeh, metta mahaniyom, kaa khaay, maha lap, siang choke

Material: Prai powders, 2 look namo, 2 ploi sek, rak sorn flower, 2 takrut sariga, 2 takrut maha sanaeh, 2 pearls, 3 python takrut

Recommended Uses: Love, business, popularity, mercy, gambling, oratory profession, selling

Number of Amulets Made: 999

Edition: Nia Kajia Maha Saneh 2554 BE edition

View Khun Phaen Taep Jamlaeng Ongk Kroo ‘Nia Kajia 2554 BE’ edition here