Khun Phaen Yang Kumarn Pim Yai Ongk Kroo Kumarn Bone Powder, Gems, Prai Oil – Ajarn Wirataep + 7 Great Masters

Khun Phaen Yang Kumarn Pim Yai Ongk Kroo – Nuea Pong Look Krok, Ploi Sek, Nam Man Prai – Kumarn Bone Powder, Gems, Prai Oil, Pong Sanaeh – Ajarn Wirataep + 7 Great Masters – #28 – 99 Made


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Bone Powders of a Look Krok are the base element in the Sacred Muan Sarn that is stuffed into the rear face of this Painted Enamelled Shell Locket face, with Prai Kumarn Powders and 108 types of Sacred Herbal Pollens and Woods added. The Muan Sarn is then embellished and further Incrementation of Prai Power is given with the addition of a flask of Prai Oil, a flask of Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed, with Look Krok Powders, 1 Silver Takrut Hua Jai Por Khun Phaen (Khun Phaen Heart mantra, and 1 Takrut Hua Jai Jao Chu Maha Sanaeh (Heartbreaker Spell), and some ‘Ploi Sek’ (enchanted gemstones). Sacred Khom Spell Inscription is then written around the sides of the amulet.

Ajarn Wirataep Released these Khun Phaen Lockets as ‘Ongk Kroo’ Top of the Series Luxury Quality Maha Sanaeh Charms, that are several pegs above the average Muan Sarn used for Amulets. The high cost and rarity of truly potent and Sorcerous Sacred Ingredients, and the necessary concentration needed to create a piece of Master Sorcery of the most Potent Variety causes few Masters to produce amulets of this kind of extreme concentration of Sacred Muan Sarn in their pure undiluted states. Once in a while however,

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we are blessed with the opportunity to obtain such an amulet, whose power comes not only from the Meditative and magical empowerments and Incantations of the Master/s who made them, but also possesses inherent Sorcerous and Pheromonic (aromatic) powers exuding from the Muan Sarn.

The front face features Khun Phaen sat with

his hands in prayer casting spells – he is seated in front of a fire roasting a Kumarn Tong over a fire. Ancient Khmer Spells are inscribed in Khom Agkhara, accompanied by Two Sacred Yantra. The name of Ajarn Wirataep is written on the bottom of the locket below the Kumarn Tong. The amulet, although reputed to be a Masculine Love Charm, is in fact Unisex, and can be used by both Man or Woman, for both Charm and Business purposes, as well as Gambling Exploits and Protective Magic. The Multi faceted powers of Khun Phaen in combination with the Wicha Look Krok and Wicha Kumarn Tong, with additional Prai Oil and Pong sanaeh ya Faed/Look Krok flask, and Takrut with enchanted gemstones, is an immensely Powerful Sorcerous Composition.

The rear face is stuffed with a thick layer of Sacred Powders, which have two silver Takrut and four Ploi sek (gems that have received incantations) embedded in the Sacred Powders. A Phial of Prai Oil is also embedded into the Muan Sarn. In addition, for this Pim Yai Large Size Ongk Kroo versio, a Phial of Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed is also embedded into the Muan Sarn with some extra Pong Look Krok. Incredible Power of Multiple Items of Individually Empowered Prai Sorcery combine to make this Immensely fast working Maha Sanaeh Charm, with the Wicha of Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit, and 7 great Masters of Wicha Maha Sanaeh to add their Empowerment to the Wai Kroo Ceremony of Ajarn Wirataep.

Size; 5.5 Cm High x 4 Cm Wide

Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh oil is individually empowered with its own Prai Ruling Deva and combines with the Seven prai Nang Plii deva Madens in the Powder base to emit Immmense Maha Sanaeh attraction power in its Aura.

99 Lockets made in Pim Yai Ongk Kroo Large Size Master Piece version

In addition to this Pim Yai Ongk Kroo version, a set of 199 Limited Edition Smaller Size Pim Lek Masterpiece Lockets were made in this 2555 BE Wai Kroo Series. The smaller Pim Lek version has a single flask of Prai Oil in the rear face, with no second flask containing Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed and Pong Prai Look Krok. Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed and Pong Look Krok are of the most difficult to make, rarest and most highly prized Sacred Powders of Prai Sorcery, and is an extremely expensive Magical Component, highly guarded by the Master Sorcerors, and rarely shared, due to its Rarity. Its additon to this large size Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Amulet makes a notable difference to the effect and speed of effect received from the amulet. Both Pim of the series however can be said to possess immense Potency far above that of the average Maha Sanaeh amulet.

This example bears the limited code stamp 28 of a total of 99 amulets made.

Kata Bucha Pra Khun Phaen

Kata Metta Maha Sanaeh


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amulet is usable as Maha Sanaeh Love Charm, Business Improvement, and Speculative Risk Enterprises (Gambling, Buying and Selling, Stock Market etc). This amulet is recommendable for those who seek the best quality Muan Sarn powders and Prai Ingredients for a more Powerful Amulet, and less worry about

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expense. For those who seek the Ultimate we then recommend the larger Pim Yai Ongk Kroo which is the most powerful

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and top of the Series of Khun Phaen Yang Kumarn Master Piece amulets. Only two Pim were made in this design version. Apart from the two Khun Phaen Yang

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Kumarn lockets, two other powerful luxury master Piece Maha Sanaeh lockets were made in this edition. the first being Pra Khun Phaen Yang Jet Nang Plii (Khun encircled by 7 Maidens), in small and Ongk Kroo large size, and the second

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being a Nang Paya Ngu Khaw (White Snake God Lady) Locket, which was also made in Pim Lek (small) and Pim Yai Ongk Kroo (large Master Piece).

Kata Bucha

Bpiyo Taewa Manussaanang Bpiyo Prohmanamudtamo Bpiyo Naaka Subannaanang Binintriyang* Namaa Mihang

Khun Phaen Yang Kumarn Pim Yai Ongk Kroo – Nuea Pong Look Krok, Ploi

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Sek, Nam Man Prai – Kumarn Bone Powder, Gems, Prai Oil, Pong Sanaeh – Ajarn Wirataep + 7 Great Masters – #28 – 99 Made


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