Pra Khun Phaen Prai Boran Gammagarn Double Set – Nuea Pong Prai Kumarn Sabu Luead Roey Pong Tabai Pra Kring – ‘Wasana Dee Sap Lon Luea 108 years old’ edition of Luang Phu Banya, Wat Nong Pak Nam.

Pra khun phaen prai kumarn gammagarn set of two sacred powder amulets in one box. The ‘pim yai’ (large model) is made from a fine mixture of pong prai kumarn with pong wan sabu luead (a pinkish red sacred prai herbal powder). The front of the amulet is covered with pong tabai pra kring (powdered metal filings from the casting of sacred pra kring amulets), and the rear face has two takrut, and the palm of Luang Phu’s hand as the edition trademark.

The second amulet (‘pim lek’), the smaller model, is also made from the same extremely rich pink herbal powder mixture added to the sacred prai kumarn powders. This model is especially recommended for ladies and children for its miniature size.

The muan sarn was made using a generous quantity of rare herbs to make the rich sacred muan sarn for this amulet. Khun phaen in nuea wan sabu luead is one of the sacred powders considered to have great metta and maha lap power to increase wealth, and has been one of the preferred upper priced sacred powder amulets for pra khun phaen since the days of Luang Phu Tim, and remains so to this day. This box set is a perfect showcase of what are perhaps the two most classic pim in the pra khun phaen pantheon when speaking of powder amulets. Clay amulets would of course take first place with the pra khun phaen ban krang. This gammagarn version released only 355 box sets.

The Buddha image is covered with sacred brass coating on the front and on the palm of Luang Phu Banya’s hand that is embossed into the back face.

A most excellent two amulet set of pra khun phaen prai kumarn made according the traditional method of Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai, which under the eye-loupe shows such a fine muan sarn powder mixture, that is immediately recognizable as that used in the most famous original khun phaen prai kumarn of Luang Phu Tim himself.

The only visible differencve being that these amulets have yet to pass the years of aging that Luang Phu Tim’s famous khun phaen have, to attain the fluffed up texture that has become part of the trademark of a pure prai kumarn powder amulet.

355 Sets were made in this version.

A most recommended set of sacred powder khun phaen prai kumarn that is of finest quality, and whose excellence can guarantee satisfaction with a truly eternal classic of fine quality from one of Chonburi’s great gaeji ajarns, and holders of wicha ‘Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn’ of the Luang Phu Tim’s lineage.

Luang Phu is now 108 years old, and thus one of the oldest living ‘arya sangha’ in Thailand.

Size: 3.8 x 2.8 cm – Powdered filings from sacred pra kring amulets are sprinkled into the muan sarn.

If you are familiar with this genre, we invite you to take a look at some other khun phaens made by highly marketed and publicised masters, who are marketed as direct disciples in Luang Phu Tim’s lineage, and we bet you that many of their amulets will not have the rich prai kumarn powders that you will find present within these amulets.

If your eyes are trained, you will see a big difference, and be amazed at how similar the composition of these khun phaen are to those that came from the hand of Luang Phu Tim himself.

An excellent model recommendable for ladies and children).

Size: 2 cm x 1.2 cm.

To view these amulets with an eye loupe is a great pleasure to view the rich content, and appreciate its value as sacred artifact.

The amulets were released in 2555 BE in the Puttapisek at Wat Nong Pak Nam in Chonburi, with Luang Phu Banya presiding over the empowerment and blessings.

Below: amulets released in Luang Phu’s 108th anniversary edition.

This double set is perfect for a man and lady to combine the same amulet; the small pim for the lady, and the large pim for Men.

Maker: Luang Phu Banya, Wat Nong Pak Nam

Magical Effects: Maha sanaeh, metta mahaniyom, klaew klaad, kong grapan, choke lap

Material: Nuea pong prai kumarn, pong tabai pra kring, pong wan sabu luead, sacred brass covering on Buddha

Recommended Uses: Protection, seduction, business, wealth accumulation

Number of Amulets Made: 355

Edition: Wasana Dee Sap Lon Luea 108 years edition


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