The ‘Khun Phaen Taep Nimit’ editition is now an extremely rare Khun Phaen edition in the short time since its release, due to the leaked information of the last of Luang Phu Tim’s Khun Phaen pong prai kumarn powders being used up in this edition. Wat Nong Grub itself does not make any more amulets now, but will continue to help other temples to raise funds by collaboration.


The edition was made in order to raise funds for the building of the much needed uposadha shrine room building at Wat Taep Nimit temple in Utai Thani, in which to install the ‘Pra Pratan’ (‘Buddha conquering Mara’ statue), in which to ordain monks, and in which the monks should pray, and meditate.

The most important factor of this edition is perhaps that it uses the last of Luang Phu Tim’s (Wat Laharn Rai) pong prai kumarn powders, and the triple blessing ceremonies, making this the last ever true edition using the final remains of Luang Phu Tim’s pong prai kumarn.

There is no other master in existence for whom the pong prai kumarn powders are more well known or believed to be most powerful; Luang Phu Tim is the master of all masters of the wicha Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn, and Luang Por Sakorn is the direct lineage continuation master, whose amulets are now becoming as popular as those of his mentor and forebearer, and have a 100% certainty of becoming future priceless sacred amulets of the highest level of acceptance.

The amulets of this edition were released in various models, namely: Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Taep Nimit pim lek (small); Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Taep Nimit pim yai (large); and Pra Khun Phaen Prai Kumarn Taep Nimit Gammagarn set.

The pim lek miniature model, Pra Khun Phaen Taep Nimit nuea pong prai kumarn pasom wan roey ploi sek, contains classic herbal sacred powders and famous prai kumarn powders from the ‘Taep Nimit’ edition, which was one of Luang Por Sakorn’s meritorious deeds to make and bless these amulets.

There are also pong dtabai pra kring (golden fillings of pra kring amulets of Luang Phu Tim) and fragments of Luang Phu Tim’s ploi sek gemstones sprinkled on the surface for maha pokasap wealth and treasure attraction. A brass sacred ‘Na’ edition series code stamp is on the back face, and a numbered code with the series model stamp symbol on the base.

The pim yai (large model) Pra Khun Phaen Taep Nimit nuea pong prai kumarn pasom wan amulet contains herbal and prai kumarn powders, with two takrut tong daeng (copper yantra foil) inserted. And on the back face there is a brass sacred ‘Na’ edition series code stamp, and on the base there is the numbered code with the series model stamp symbol.

The gammagarn two amulet set of Pra Khun Phaen Taep Nimit nuea pong prai kumarn pasom wan features pink-red sabu luead herbal and prai kumarn powders. This is a ‘Nam Rerk’ version which differs in the fact that nam rerk versions have a higher concentration of sacred powders and receive individual hand blessing in the ceremonies.

The pim yai (large) model of this gammagarn double set has one gold and one silver takrut inserted, with a sacred ‘Na’ edition code stamp on the rear face, and a numbered edition on the base.

The pim lek (small size) model of this gammagarn double set has bpaeng jerm (‘pasted sacred powder’) which was performed by the hand of Luang Por Sakorn only on the gammagarn nam rerk models, dabbing each amulet by dipping his finger in sacred powder paste and dabbing his finger on the amulets, and blessing them in prayer and meditative prowess.

All amulets in this edition were individually special in their own way, and all had differing coding methods for each series of different models, making this a highly catalogued, sought after, and sold out at the temple edition. This was the last set in the temple as we visited.

In addition to Luang Phu Tim’s prai kumarn powders, a large assortment of sacred powders from a number of great masters was also used in the making of the muan sarn powders, such as powders from Jao Khun Nor, pieces of pra kring amulets of Luang Phu Tim, sacred powders of Luang Por Sodh (Wat Pak Nam Pasee Jaroen), pong hua jai bpathamang, pong ittijae, pong jinda manee, pong itipiso radtana mala, pong maha rach, bpaeng sek sadtamarn, and khaw sarn dam sek, all coming from Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai. Bronze was used in the making of the block presses of Luang Phu Tim’s khun phaen prai kumarn amulets.

The look om pong prai kumarn amulets from Luang Phu Tim, holy water blessed by Luang Phu Tim many years ago in the uposadha of Wat Laharn Rai, 2530 BE edition sacred powders from Luang Por Sakorn of Wat Nong Grub, takrut yant na ok dtaek from Luang Por Sakorn, and pratat (relics) from Wat Takian Tia, the sacred temple of sak yant master Luang Por Niyom, which is incidentally, the second nearest important temple to us in Thailand. Powdered buffalo horns of a prai buffalo were also added, to enforce great power into amulets).

Pra Khun Phaen is the popular amulet of business persons, gamblers, and charming would-be-wooers of the opposite (or
same) sex. The pim yai is recommended for men, and the smaller pim lek model is especially recommended for ladies. To use both pim yai and pim lek models in combination as a two set for a couple to wear, especially if in love, is perfect, and the effects will be doubled by the wearing of these as a true love relationship within the Buddhist precepts.

Although gambling is not one of the activities within the Buddhist precepts, the khun phaen does not forbid such practices, and in fact, is said that it helps to win and invoke winning streaks. The choice of usage is that of the devotee, but we do state that the amulets of Luang Por Sakorn will be at their most powerful when the five precepts are kept, and alms to the Buddha sangha are offered, and blessings will fall like rain.

Above: Sangkajjai statue at Wat Nong Grub. Photo above and below © Ajarn Spencer Littlewood.

Maker: Luang Por Sakorn, Wat Nong Grub Temple

Magical Effects: Maha sanaeh, maha lap, choke lap, klaew klaad, gae aathan, kaa khaay, metta mahaniyom

Material: Prai kumarn powders, herbal sacred powders, takrut, sacred powders of various great masters

Recommended Uses: Charming in commerce, romance, gambling, lucky fortunes, protection, anti black magic, gambling

Number of Amulets Made: 2999

Edition: Taep Nimit 2554 BE


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